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Teaching includes all the aspects I have experienced and understood from the yoga path.

Physical practices are taken from different approaches, basically dynamic styles, adapted to the people I have found. From mental and physical illness to total health I have learnt to be a good company through honest teaching; soft or challenging depending on the goals and possibilities.

Breathing, concentration, contemplation, relaxation and conscious behaviour are as important as the physical approach. Obviously, each person will choose what really works and has a postive impact for him or her. Yoga should adapt to the person, not the person to the yoga.

Classes can be in spanish, english or french. 



I have been practicing yoga and meditation since I was 18. Though, I can say I am still a beginner in so many things. So I keep behaving like a student, also when I teach. I have been teaching now for 9 years. All my intellectual training in Sociology has helped me to emphasize in the theory and tradition of yoga. My professional career as a fashion desginer opened the comprehension of creativity and adaptability that yoga requires. Finally my love, passion and relationship with dance has taken me deeper into body sensitivity. In the end, what best works for me is yoga, as it takes care of the body as a way of taking care of the soul. Thus, the whole human nature becomes conceivable. 

Maternity has also helped me discover the secret aspects of so many tendencies in the body and the mind that were latent. Also this experience has placed things in a more natural order. Being: first love, second love and third love. Since then, my teaching has taken a shift, taken into the rythm of nature itself.

I have taken training for teaching and my own practice both from traditional schools (Sivananda, Satyananda) and contemporary masters (Shiva Rea, Liz Lark, Godfey Deveraux, Roger Cole..). I feel really close to the Krishnamacharya lineage. Neuroscience, quantum physics, nutrition and lifestyle coaching are very important parts of my self-study and practice.

So many masters, teachers, colleagues and students have inspired me that I keep this path also as a path of gratitude...